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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Breading betta sp.

Are you look for guide to breeding of betta fish?

here at my blog, you can know that.

i will tell you step by step to breading betta fish:

1) do you have female and male of betta fish?

if you have it (female  and male of betta fish), you have to make sure they has in age to breeding. the female had age more or less is 6 month. but at male you can see he is in readiy to breading when he made  nest, so that mean he is ready to breading.

2) one place (aquarium) only for one female and male

3) before to breading, you have to courtship the female and male.

                                                   (pictur 1: way to courtship the male to female)

4) before you put in the female to male place, make sure to one day before to not give they eat. Because if the female in full because eat, the egg will dificul to out from female body, so make sure not give female eat.

5) mix the female and male at 6 pm. (because the temperatur is go down is good to breeding ), you can place the female at male place until 2 or 3 day. but if the female is in bad injury (near dead)  because the fight you can cancel the breeding. because it is to dangerous, your female betta can dead.

6) cek the egg.
in 3 day you can put the female from male aquarium to recovery aquarium.

-Sometime the female eat the egg (because that the fame have to put from the male place.
- sometime, the exprinc of the male of breading time is made good result breading
- sometime at first breeding of male made failur result, but in second or three time is made better

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